Kalamazoo Brew Bus

Q. Does the bus drive you home?

A. Is your home a listed stop? We suggest using Uber or Lyft to and from your place of residence. If you take Godspeed Taxi riders get 20% off their ride home. We encourage everyone to have a designated driver. If you need a safe ride home the Brew Bus driver will be happy to arrange a ride home for you.

Q. What if we want to stay longer than 30 minutes?

A. No problem you can stay as long as you want, wait for the next lap or the lap after that.

 Q Do we have to go to all locations?

A: Not at all, although we stop at all locations simply stay seated and wait to get off at the stop of your choice.

Q. Can you drink on the bus?

A.  No, The Brew Bus takes you to the locations where you can drink.  This is different if you rent the bus privately.

Q. Can we go to locations off the route?

A. Absolutely! Downtown Kalamazoo has many nightlife options. If you request to be dropped off at Bells you are within walking distance to places like Old Dog, Hopcat and Beer Exchange.

Q. Can you ride the bus if you are underage?

A. Yes, the Breweries do allow underage persons in their establishments, but please keep in mind that we offer a beer crawl for adults.

Q. Do you do private rentals?

A. Yes and you can email or call to arrange a private rental. Call 269-760-8162 info@kalamazoobrewbus.com

Q. What if we don’t like beer?

A. There is a distillery on the route, which serves Whiskey and Gin, and there are other establishments within walking distance of some of the stops. Please keep in mind that this is the BREW bus.